Jennifer Lopez’s Wardrobe Malfunction is Something She Won’t Care About

By | September 11, 2017

How many times have you seen Jennifer Lopez in a wardrobe malfunction? It might have happened to her several times in her entire career. Of course, she could not care less. She still takes the risk and wears whatever sexy outfit she deems is perfect for her. We have seen her perform on stage and had a wardrobe malfunction, but she managed to continue with her performance. She is such a queen.

Jennifer’s nude nipple cover was revealed as she was trying to show off her shoes in an appearance earlier this year.

J Lo is known for her risky fashion choices. Hence, she has suffered from quite a lot of wardrobe malfunctions over the years.

J Lo is not new to wardrobe malfunctions. However, she has managed to carry on despite those awkward situations.

There were quite a few times when J Lo suffered from wardrobe malfunction on stage, but she managed to power through and move forward with her performance.

J Lo is the queen of plunging neckline. It won’t be an outfit for her if her boobies aren’t exposed. She may have gone too far during the Oscars as she suffered from a slight wardrobe malfunction, revealing way more than what should be seen.

The back zipper in her outfit during a major performance popped open, but she managed to continue as if nothing happened.

During the American Music Awards, it wasn’t J Lo, but one of her backup dancers wearing the same type of outfit as she did, who suffered from wardrobe malfunction.

There are times when Jen just couldn’t help it, but wear clothes that are really prone to wardrobe malfunction. Obviously, she understands the risk that comes with it.

Regardless of wardrobe malfunctions experienced in the past, nothing could stop J Lo from wearing risky and bold sexy outfits.

As Jen was trying to cover her skirt as it was blown by the wind, she didn’t realize that her boob was already exposed.