O-Oh Moments Relived

By | July 13, 2013

In life we are often faced with “o-oh” moments. Moments that we we wish we could rewind or take away. A scene that keeps playing over and over in our head and from silence, we mumble. Hoping we could just melt away from it.


We can’t.

I’m Den, and yes, I’ve had thousands of o-oh moments in my 20 years of existence. Most of which I wanted to entirely wipe away from my memory. Every time it happens, feelings of guilt and share overwhelms me. Despite the fact that this often happens, I still don’t know how to avoid it. I wish there’s a concrete formula on how to ever do this but there isn’t any. This is why I created this blog. Ironic as it is, I wanted to publish my o-oh moments in here. I understand that in order to forget, I must first learn how to forgive myself. Accept who I am, weaknesses, flaws and all.